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About This Project

£500m Framework for BAE – Barrow Site Redevelop Programme.


BAE is one of the UK’s leading industries, a global defence and security company which operates one of the few shipyards in the world capable of designing and building nuclear submarine. Bae’s vision is to be the premier global defence, aerospace and security company and to help them to achieve this in Barrow, they needed Partners who would focus not just on what to do, but how to do it together.


BAE’s vision for Barrow is to create a safe, effective and sustainable working environment where all their staff are inspired to work and as such Barrow following its redevelopment will become one of the most advanced boat building yards in the world.


NAS – £80m Holistic phased refurbishment of the historic assembly shop, which was last refurbished post war. Works are currently taking place with a high security environment whilst the adjacent zones are running at full capacity delivering the Astute Submarine programme.


SBS – £25m new build facility won in open tender outside the frame work to provide secure storage.


Won by Perspectives’ Mark Pettit for Shepherd Construction.


“Mark Pettit was instrumental in helping us raise the bar in all areas of Work Winning activities and providing new perspectives in all that we did. Mark understands that teams win bids and has an alchemists ability to get the best out of the best is a great asset to all businesses. A true leader who know how to win the best work and when to decline opportunities which will deliver minimal returns on everyone’s investment.”


Gary Edwards Executive Director Shepherd Group Built Environment  


“Understanding our key drivers was critical and the Shepherd team led by Mark Pettit enthusiasm and determination set them apart from the opposition when choosing our partners for this 5 year jorney”


BAE Barrow


March 15, 2016